"My Website Support"

Website Maintenance Service

safe, secure updates & backups

regular & reliable
Site files & Database

Your content
Software and Plugin versions

Monthly reports

websites are not “set and forget”,

there’s work involved, it’s called maintenance.


do you have a plan?

We do!

“my website support”

a website maintenance plan

from Twenty Twenty design, building and maintaining sites since 2000.


Tell us what you want done …

We update and backup for you … on tap service.

We keep the process simple & your website up to date and secure.


Here’s the logic:

You could easily spend $600 today updating your site but in 6 months it would be out of date, again.


With our regular maintenance plan your site is always up to date & backed up.



$126.00 / month


  • Back Up Site & Database
  • Update SEO and resubmit
  • Update Software and Plugins
  • 1 hour Content Editing
  • Monthly Edit Reminders
  • Check Broken Links
  • Manage Comment Spam
  • Email you Traffic Analysis

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an easy solution to maintaining your site & it’s security

  • Is your content up to date?

  • Are you backing up content and databases?

  • Who updates your software or plugins?

  • Is your site “Responsive”, does it resize for tablets & phones?

  • Are you losing readers through frustration?

  • Check your Bounce Rates.

  • What do you know about your site’s visitors & which pages interest them?

  • Does Google even know
    who you are?

  • Is your SEO current?

let us maintain your site for you, properly

This maintenance plan means that for a fixed monthly cost, we are maintaining your site for you:


  • professionally updating your content;

  • keeping software up to date;

  • keeping plugin versions up to date;

  • tracking your traffic and

  • backing up for security.

The benefit to you is the security of regular maintenance and updating being performed by someone who knows what to do, at a fixed rate.


We are available and accessible.


Even if your host server fails and your site goes down you have the security of our regular backups.

How much does this cost
& how does it work?

What happens once I purchase a
website maintenance plan?

more info ...

Firstly, it’s important to note that nothing changes regarding your existing hosting.


We do not become the host of your website or move it in any way, you remain in complete control and ownership. All we do is gain access for editing, updating & backing up purposes. For existing clients, of course, we already have that access.


For existing website clients:
Once you have purchased either a 6 or 12 month Plan, we will commence the maintenance schedule with a full back up of the site and a traffic report to you. We may also setup analytic tools if required.


For new clients:
Once you have purchased either a 6 or 12 month Plan, we will contact you for login details. (You may have these on hand or they can be sourced from your host, we can do this but need your permission).

Once we have access to the site we will commence with a full back up and a traffic report for you prior to commencing the maintenance schedule. We may also setup analytic tools if required.


It’s also worth having a discussion around your aims for the website.
(Whilst we mechanically perform the monthly maintenance, sometimes you may have content that is date sensitive i.e. pricing that needs updating at certain times of the year). We are accessible and available.


We will login to your site each month to maintain and update software, plugin versions etc.

We will email, monthly, reminding you to submit any edits required (the Plan allows for 1 hour per month) – these could be text , price, copy changes, images updates, PDF updates (ie. Newsletters, Application Forms), email set up for new staff or removing or redirecting for staff that is leaving, etc. It’s up to you.


After each session we will back your site up for security then email you a traffic report.
(This will help you understand visitor frequency, what pages they are interested in and which ones they quickly dismiss).



Cost to you

The cost is from $126.00 / month + GST.


There is a lot of time spent initially setting this up (incl. traffic analysis accounts).
So, for our commitment to you, we look for either a 6 or 12 month commitment on your part.


6 months costs $149.00 / month ($894.00) + GST.

12 months costs $126.00 / month ($1512.00) + GST.



That’s about it.


An easy solution to maintaining your site & its security.


Leave it to us.

Like to know more?

Call  0416 1555 06 or submit our Form…

Sites do crash

& servers do fail …

Common fails in websites include outdated software, irregular or even non-existent backups, broken links, and poor SEO – lack of maintenance.


All this before we even think about formatting problems created by people who don’t understand how to add content correctly.


It’s true that a business will be judged by its website.

maintenance is more
than changing text on a page …

More importantly, it’s about software updates, site backups, SEO coding for search engine rankings & understanding your visitors via traffic monitoring.


Particularly with CMS like WordPress, theme and plugin updates are critical.

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Offices: Sydney, Brisbane, Byron Bay.


Twenty Twenty Design have been supplying websites, maintenance and photography services, across Australia since September 2000.

Recent feedback includes:


“cheaper than staff on wages”

“reliable, thanks”

“thanks, didn’t realise so much was  involved
but worth $126 as your backup really saved us
over Christmas!”